How our work gets seen and the extras we build in:

Over the years, our films have been broadcast on television in the UK and abroad; they’ve been screened in cinemas, at film festivals, at arts events and in museums and galleries; and they’ve been distributed on tape, DVD and online via websites and hosting services.

Our productions are frequently commissions from television companies, arts enterprises or corporate clients, but we also develop and fund some of our own independent projects when time and finances permit.

We are passionate about film, art and the art of film and try always to make our work a delight to watch whilst ensuring that the information contained is both easily accessible and totally comprehensible.

CM St Marks

Having initially developed our technical and production skills back in the 16mm and 35mm film era largely at the BBC, we are truly excited now to be working in the digital world with all its new creative opportunities, especially beyond television.

When making a broadcast slot TV programme, often cherished scenes end up ‘on the cutting room floor’ because they can’t be fitted into the main narrative; now these deleted sections can be scooped up and made into short self-contained sequences to become extras on a related website or on a DVD. Some of our DVD releases contain a main film running an hour or so, plus perhaps a couple of hours of extras - these may be deleted scenes, additional interviews and commentaries, music sequences, archive material, slideshows - almost anything is possible.

This extra material can give a greatly enriched viewing experience and provide further opportunities for research  exploration of a subject after the main film has been screened. Now, when researching and developing our projects, we are planning these extra scenes from the outset so that, far from being ‘left-overs’, they are now often specially shot sequences designed as ‘extras’ from the beginning.