Lord Peter Melchett

We were very sad to lean of the death (31st August 2018) of Peter Melchett, a major mover and shaker in environmentalism and a lifelong campaigner in so many crucial issues geared towards making this planet a better, safer and more sustainable place. He was also an important contributor to our new film on photographer Fay Godwin, not only opening her Barbican Gallery retrospective exhibition but also giving us a substantial interview on Godwin’s life and work.

Peter Melchett at Courtyard Farm, Ringstead Norfolk (May 2013)

There is a Guardian obituary for Peter Melchett here.

Peter Melchett discusses Fay Godwin’s book Our Forbidden Land from the Malachite production Don’t Fence Me In

Peter Melchett and his partner Cassandra Wedd attended the launch screening of Don’t Fence Me In at the British Library on 11th January 2018, and afterwards wrote some kind words about the film ‘We loved the film - I really do congratulate you on a wonderful job. It captured Fay’s passion and her extraordinary range of work brilliantly. Needless to say, I was delighted that her strong views on public access, the countryside and the environment more generally were so well represented in the film, particularly given how much you had to cover!'