The DVDs on Frank Brangwyn, George Large, John Piper, Ken Matsuzaki, Phil Rogers, Rigby Graham, and Robert Dawson can be purchased from Goldmark Art: www.goldmarkart.com

The DVD A Painter's Paradise can be bought from The Charleston Trust: https://shop.charleston.org.uk/product/painters-paradise-dvd/

The DVD Frank Brangwyn Stained Glass can be bought from Libby Horner: mail@frangbrangwyn.org

The DVD on Patrick Reyntiens can be bought from John Reyntiens: http://www.reyntiensglassstudio.com/

The DVD on Gordon Russell can be bought from Gordon Russell Design Museum: http://www.gordonrussellmuseum.org

The DVDs on Fay Godwin, Dennis Creffield, Clarke's Tin Whistle and Galapagos can be bought direct from Malachite: info@malachite.co.uk

The DVDs on Playing Turkey (NYJO) and Fiore de Henriquez (Magnum Opus) have not yet been officially released.